Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle is a simple yet fun and surprisingly addictive block puzzle game that you can freely download on your device. It is an excellent time killer that offers simple gameplay and a relaxing interface. Much like any other block puzzle game, your main objective for Wood Block Puzzle is to get the highest score possible. This can be done by creating and clearing as many lines as possible. If you think that you are skillful enough to master this classic block puzzle game, feel free to explore Wood Block Puzzle and see how far you can go.

Wood Block Puzzle

The Gameplay

The mechanics for Wood Block Puzzle are simple and easily manageable. If you have experienced playing the classic Tetris game then you should know how exactly this puzzle works. However, instead of dealing with descending puzzle pieces, the player will be prompted to an empty fixed board. Wood Block Puzzle features a standard 8×8 Grid. Located below is the area where you can find three randomly generated puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces are merely inspired by the classic Tetris game that will vary in shapes and sizes.

Simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and try to establish the most effective strategy to form or create straight lines. These lines can either be aligned vertically or diagonally on the board. It is also important to mention that the puzzle pieces will only arrive in a batch of three. You must consume all the puzzle pieces in order to get a new batch. You must position each piece strategically on the board because if you run out of space for the new batch of tiles, the game will come to a quick end and you might have to start the same back from the very beginning.

Wood Block Puzzle

Relaxing Interface

Aside from being an excellent time killer, one thing that you will appreciate with Wood Block Puzzle is the simple yet visually appealing interface. As the title of this game suggests, the Wood Block Puzzle features a wood or rustic theme. The overall theme is also aptly matched by wooden puzzle pieces. It is also complemented by well-fitting audio effects which make you feel like you are really placing wooden puzzle pieces on the board. The game also features interesting animation every time you make matches or combos.

Wood Block Puzzle

Combos and Reward Videos

Players are also encouraged to make combos to achieve higher scores. To do so, you must strategically position the tiles and try to create multiple lines in a single turn. Straight-line puzzle pieces are mostly the key to make bigger combos. However, since the board is only 8×8, piling up the puzzle pieces can be very risky and you might run out of space immediately.

Speaking of which, once you run out of space, the game will still give you a second chance to continue. However, there is a catch. You need to watch a reward video that could last from 15-30 seconds. In return, you will get a new batch of tiles. Apparently, it will not free any spaces on the board so you still need to establish an effective strategy to continue. The game also records your personal best that provides Wood Block Puzzle a decent replay value.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a simple game that you can safely add to your device, Wood Block Puzzle is something you might consider. It is a very light block puzzle game that will not consume much of your phone storage. Advertisements are also moderately shown and the reward video is a clever addition to this puzzle. The game, however, is missing a scoreboard. Although there is seemingly an option to access a leaderboard, the button will not bring you anywhere. Despite the missing element, Wood Block Puzzle is still worth a download. It also works perfectly well even without an Internet connection. Good luck and have fun!

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