Wood Block Puzzle

The best part about playing block puzzles is that it will not just provide fun but it also improves your logic skills and relaxes your mind. Generally, these games are considered to be excellent time killers and brain exercisers. If you are looking for a nice block puzzle game for your mobile, you might consider adding Wood Block Puzzle on your device. The main goal for this game is to get the highest score possible. You can do so by clearing as many tiles as you possibly can. If you are familiar with how the classic Tetris game works, then you should know how to play this game without ease. If you are up for a new challenge, feel free to explore Wood Block Puzzle and see what else this amazing game has to offer.

Wood Block Puzzle

The Gameplay

The mechanics for Wood Block Puzzle are generally simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to an empty 10×10 board. Located below this board is another panel that contains three randomly generated puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces are merely inspired by the classic Tetris which provides you with absolute nostalgia. However, unlike the classic Tetris game, you will not be dealing with auto descending puzzle pieces. Here, you have full control over where you want to place the puzzle piece without any time limit. This allows you to visualize the puzzle and establish an effective strategy to maximize your winnings.

To start the game, simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board. Try to position them together in a very strategic manner to form straight lines. These lines can either be aligned vertically or horizontally on the board. You are also encouraged to make combos to earn higher points. To do so, try your best to create and eliminate multiple lines in a single turn.

Wood Block Puzzle

Take Advantage of the Powerups

Between the board and the lower panel are three distinct buttons dedicated to the powerups. One of the unique features of the Wood Block Puzzle is the access to multiple powerups that can help you maximize your winnings. These powerups include Spin, Shuffle, and Bomb. Each serves a special purpose. As the term connotes, “spin” provides you the ability to rotate any of the unused puzzle pieces. Shuffle, on the other hand, allows you to reshuffle the current puzzle pieces that you have. Using this powerup will remove all the current pieces and replace them with a new batch.

The bomb, as the term suggests, allows you to eliminate a large portion of the board. Simply hover the bomb on top of the board and drop it to create carnage. Using the powerups will not just help you maximize your winnings but it will also keep the game running. Take note that if you run out of valid moves, the game will come to a quick and end you have no other options but to start again back from the beginning unless you watch a reward video.

Wood Block Puzzle

Generous Reward System

Speaking of reward, the game was able to manage to cleverly input their ads through a reward system. From time to time, you will get offers to watch a reward video and receive additional powerups in return. Also, if you run out of moves, the game will offer you to watch a reward video and give you another chance to continue.

Aside from this, the game also comes with another reward system. On top of the gameboard is a meter bar that fills up every time you clear tiles that are marked with stars. If you have earned enough and reached the end of the meter bar, you can open a treasure chest and you will be rewarded with additional powerups.

Leaderboard and Rustic Theme

Wood Block Puzzle may not have a multiplayer campaign but you can still compete with other players through its Leaderboard system. By connecting the game to your Google Play account, you’ll get access to the score charts that allow you to compete with other players online. The game also records your personal best score which provides Wood Block Puzzle a decent replay value.

More than the amazing and addictive gameplay, the game also treats you with a visually stunning theme. As the title of the game suggests, Wood Block Puzzle comes with a nice rustic-inspired theme. This is adorned with nice wooden details and perfectly matched with wooden puzzle pieces. It is also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of audio effects that makes this game absolutely worth exploring.

The Verdict

If you are looking for an excellent time killer and a simple mobile game that comes with a decent challenge to test your logic skills, Wood Block Puzzle is something you can confidently consider. It’s a simple, fun, and undeniably addictive block puzzle game. The powerups are absolutely great additions to this puzzle game that makes the gameplay even more exciting. Appearance-wise, Wood Block Puzzle is also an absolute visual delight treating you with great rustic-inspired visuals. The game is also notably light and won’t consume much of your phone storage. Above all, this game also works well even without an Internet connection, allowing you to play the game anytime and anywhere you want. Good luck and have fun!

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