Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle by Joymaster Studio takes you to a relaxing block puzzle experience. Simple, fun yet surprisingly addictive. I guess this is how you can perfectly describe this game. If you have experienced playing the classic block puzzle then you should know how exactly this game works. Your main objective for this game is to get the highest score possible. To do so, you must strategically drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and form as many lines as you can. In addition to the classic campaign, this one also has a Tangram puzzle that you can freely explore. If you think you can master this puzzle game, feel free to explore Wood Block Puzzle and see what else this game has to offer.

Wood Block Puzzle

The Gameplay

The mechanics for Wood Block Puzzle are generally simple and easily manageable. To get started, simply download the Wood Block Puzzle app by Joymaster Studio from the Google Play Store. As soon as the game starts, players will be prompted to a larger 10×10 board. Located below the board is a separate panel that showcases three randomly generated puzzle pieces. You can drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and strategically position them together to form straight lines. These lines can be aligned either vertically or horizontally on the board.

The puzzle pieces will arrive in batches (each batch is composed of three random tiles inspired by the classic Tetris). You are free to place the tile in any available space but if there is one thing you must avoid at all costs, it is to run out of a valid move. If you can no longer fit the tile to the board, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning.

Wood Block Puzzle

Powerups and Reserve

Players can also take advantage of the powerups which can be earned in many ways. One effective way to obtain free powerups is through the game’s reward system. Above the board is a Reward meter. Every time you cleared lines, the meter will be filled and once you have earned enough, you get a chance to open the chest and earn rewards in return. These rewards can be in the form of different powerups. There are two powerups available: the Rotate and the Exchange. Rotate, as the term connotes, allows you to rotate puzzle pieces before placing them on the board.

Exchange, on the other hand, allows you to replace all the unused tiles with a new batch. If you run out of powerups, you can always purchase them using virtual currency that you earn every game. In addition to the consumable powerups, players can also take advantage of the Reserve slot. Here, you can place a single piece on the reserve slot temporarily to prevent yourself from running out of moves. Reserve is available for free.

Wood Block Puzzle


Aside from the classic campaign, players also get to enjoy Wood Block Puzzle’s Tangram campaign. Like the real Tangram, your goal for this campaign is to fit all the puzzle pieces to the given board. The shape of the board will change at every level and the rate of difficulty will also drastically increase as you progress. The game is not timed and you have all the opportunity to visualize the puzzle. However, if you got stuck, you can always use the Reset and Hint features of the game.

Reset allows you to clear the puzzle and put all the puzzle pieces back to the lower panel. Hint, on the other hand, will help you solve the puzzle by giving you hints. You can purchase Hint for 150 coins (3 Hints) or you can earn a free one by watching a reward video.

Wood Block Puzzle

Amazing Graphics, Virtual Currency, and Leaderboard

As the title of the game suggests, Wood Block Puzzle will feature a visually stunning rustic theme. It features a wooden board and is perfectly matched with wooden puzzle pieces. To top it all, the game is also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of relaxing music to set the mood right. The game also features a currency system that allows you to purchase powerups and hints.

It also comes with a built-in Leaderboard system. You no longer need to connect the game to your Google Play Center as it comes with its own score chart. This allows you to compete with other players online. The leaderboard will display the top 50 players for each month. If you are skillful enough, you might also find your name on the list.

The Verdict

With its two different campaigns to explore, Wood Block Puzzle is indeed an excellent time killer game that you can confidently add to your mobile. Appearance-wise, the game is an absolute visual delight. It features a visually stunning interface and is perfectly matched with beautiful music. The game is also very light and will not consume much of your phone storage. Currently, the game is available for Android devices and you can download this amazing block puzzle absolutely for free. Good luck!

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