Block Puzzle Combo

Looking for exciting ways to play block puzzles? Block Puzzle Combo will definitely provide you various ways to enjoy this nostalgic game. Unlike typical block puzzle games that we normally see on the Google Play Store, Block Puzzle Combo offers not just one but four different campaigns to choose from. These include the Block Puzzle Combo, Hex Mode, Bomb, and the Classic campaign. Each mode might have different rules but they do share one same objective and that is to get the highest score possible. To do so, you must clear as many tiles as you can from the board. If you think you can master this game, feel free to explore Block Puzzle Combo and see what else this block puzzle game has to offer.

Block puzzle combo

The Gameplay

 The mechanics for the game are generally simple and easily manageable. To get started, simply download Block Puzzle Combo from the Google Play Store. Once launched, the game will prompt you to the Menu page that allows you to pick your preferred game modes. Currently, the game offers four campaigns to choose from. These include the Combo Mode, Hex Mode, Bomb Mode, and the Classic Mode. Each campaign comes with a different set of rules but the gameplay is almost identical. Your goal is to get the highest score by clearing as many tiles as you can.

Block puzzle combo

The Combo Mode

The combo mode is probably the highlight of this mobile game. This campaign provides a very unique approach. Unlike the classic block puzzle, this one will focus more on making combos. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted to a 10×10 grid. Located below the board are randomly generated tiles that will vary in shapes and sizes. Simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and try to create as many lines as possible. You are also highly encouraged to create combos by eliminating multiple lines in a single turn.

Above the board is a bomb meter that fills up every time you clear lines. If you have earned enough, the bomb will detonate and will clear all the gaps on the board (forcing all remaining pieces to drop down and allowing the player to have additional space). If you run out of space, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start back from the very beginning.

Block puzzle combo

Hex Mode

Generally, Hex Mode works the same way with the classic block puzzle. However, instead of the standard 10×10 square grid, players will be prompted to a unique hexagonal puzzle board. Like your typical block puzzle game, your goal is to drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and try to create as many straight lines as possible. These lines can either be aligned vertically or horizontally on the board.

Block puzzle combo

Bomb and Classic Mode

If you are up for a bigger challenge, you might as well consider playing the Bomb Mode. Here, bombs will appear randomly on the board and you must eliminate them within the given number of moves. If the player failed to remove the bomb on time, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. The Classic mode, on the other hand, takes you to a standard 10×10 with all the basic rules being applied.

The Verdict

Block Puzzle Combo is definitely a great block puzzle game that provides players a great number of ways to enjoy the game. Unique campaigns like Combo and Hex Mode are definitely amazing additions for this game that makes it distinctive above the rest. Appearance-wise, the game is an absolute visual delight. It is adorned with simple themes that are matched with colorful puzzle pieces. This game also works well even without an Internet connection and it won’t consume much of your phone storage. Block Puzzle Combo is currently available in Google Play Store and you can download this addictive block puzzle absolutely for free. Have fun!

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