A complete package! This is how you can perfectly describe Brickdom by Mindmill Puzzle games. This mobile game offers a great collection of puzzles that you can freely explore. Currently, the game has five different campaigns to choose from; Triangles, Block Slide, Blocks, Make 10, and Hexagon. Each comes with their own unique gameplay that gives you more reason to enjoy this game. To top it all, some of the campaigns have different sub-categories which you can unlock upon reaching certain levels. If you are looking for an entertaining puzzle game for your mobile, Brickdom is definitely something you can consider. Feel free to explore this puzzle and see what else this game has to offer.


The Gameplay

Brickdom offers a collection of puzzle games and each comes with different objectives to follow. Despite the differences, the mechanics for this game are generally simple and easily manageable. Interestingly, the game allows players to collect stars. Currently, there are 82 stars to be collected and you can obtain them from different campaigns. Stars are also required to unlock certain levels which provides Brickdom a decent replay value and longevity. Above all, the game is an absolute visual delight. It offers beautiful graphics adorned with colorful puzzle pieces and matched with a well-fitting piece of music and audio effect.


Triangles and Hexagons

Triangles and Hexagons share a lot of similarities. They both worked as a classic block puzzle game but takes you into a hexagonal shaped board. Triangles, as the title of the campaign suggests, will take you to a hexagonal play board with triangular puzzle pieces to play with while Hexagons will prompt you to the same board shape with hexagonal puzzle pieces. The goal for these campaigns is to get the highest score possible and you can do so may clearing as many tiles as you can. This can be done by strategically placing the puzzle pieces together until you have formed straight lines which could either be aligned horizontally or diagonally. If you run out of space, the game will come to a quick end and you have to start back from the very beginning.


Classic Block Puzzle

If you like to experience the classic block puzzle gameplay, Brickdom offers a campaign called “Blocks”. This mode comes with four different four different subcategories that will vary in terms of the size and shape of the game board. You will be prompted initially to a standard 8×8 board and once you have collected enough stars, you can eventually unlock other categories like 10×10, Cross, and Ball. The mechanics for this campaign are generally simple and easily manageable. Simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and try to form and eliminate as many lines as you possibly can. Players are also encouraged to make combos to earn higher scores.


Block Slide and Make 10

Block Slide is a very unique puzzle game. Here, you will be prompted to an 8×10 board with a stack of blocks that are piling up constantly every time you make a move. The goal is to move or slide the puzzle pieces until you have completed or filled an entire line. The objective is to prevent the blocks from piling up too much. If the block reaches the top, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning.

If you are up for a bigger challenge, you might also consider exploring the Make 10 Campaign. As the title of the campaign suggests, the goal is to place the numbered tiles on the board and make sure they the accumulated numbers on the same row or column will sum up to 10. This will somehow remind you of the Sudoku puzzle and strongly encouraged players to visualize the puzzle carefully and establish the most effective strategy to maximize the winnings.

The Verdict

Brickdom is definitely a great mobile game and aside from being an effective time killer, this game offers many different exciting campaigns to explore. Appearance-wise, Brickdom is definitely a visual delight. All puzzles are adorned with stunning theme and is matched perfectly with colorful puzzle pieces. It also comes with a well-fitting piece of music that makes this game even more enjoyable. In addition to that, Brickdom also works well even without an Internet connection which allows you to play this game anytime and anywhere you wish. Above all, this game is available for Android devices and you can download this addictive puzzle absolutely for free. Good luck and have fun!

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