Brick Classic – Brick Puzzle

Looking for a short break from work? How about a quick escape from social media? What you need is a perfect time killer, a simple mobile game that will not consume much of your time but capable of providing enough challenge to entertain you. Brick Classic by Apollo Studio will take you to a simple yet surprisingly addictive puzzle. Similar to the classic block puzzle games, Brick Classic follows the same addictive formula. Your main goal is to get the highest score by eliminating as many tiles as you can from the board. If you think you are skillful enough to master this classic puzzle, feel free to explore this game and see what else Brick Classic has to offer.

Brick Classic

The Gameplay

Brick Classic is generally classified as a block puzzle game similar to the classic and well-acclaimed arcade games like Tetris and Dr. Mario. It is also a subcategory of the tile-matching genre. Compared to the aforementioned games, however, Brick Classic is played in a different fashion. In Tetris, each tile often descends from the uppermost portion of the board one after another. Here, the player will be asked to position the tiles strategically until a complete line is formed. In Brick Classic, however, players will be prompted to an empty board.

It features a standard 8×8 board while the available tiles are shown below it. The tile section will only feature three tiles. Simply drag and drop the tiles on the board and make sure to place them strategically. Much like Tetris, your goal is to clear as many lines as you can. It can be aligned vertically or horizontally. Once you have completed an entire row or column, the tiles will be cleared off the board and you will earn points according to the number of tiles you remove. 

Brick Classic

A Relaxing Puzzle

The game, in general, might be simple but it can be surprisingly tricky too. Unlike other block puzzle games, Brick Classic comes with a more manageable tile replacement system. Instead of getting the tiles in batches (meaning you need to consume the first batch before getting a new batch), the tiles will instantly be replaced by another tile right after you consume them. Despite the simplicity, the game can be challenging too. The 8×8 grid can be filled easily and if you are not skillful enough, you might run out of space for the new tiles.

If you run out of moves or available spaces for new tiles, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back to scratch. Interestingly, to balance everything and to set your mood right, the game is accompanied by a relaxing piece of music. It comes with a nature-inspired sound including the sound of the sea waves and the chirping of birds. The interface also features a simple dark scheme that matches well with its simple and calming theme.

Brick Classic

An Excellent Time Killer

The best part of having Brick Classic on your device is the fact that it will not consume much on your phone storage. Your progress will also be saved so every time you leave the app, you will start the game right where you left off. The game also works well even slow or without an Internet connection which makes Brick Classic an excellent time killer. In addition to that, the game also comes with a simple multiplayer element by linking your Google Play account. Here, you’ll get access to leaderboard charts that display all top players in daily, weekly, and all-time categories.

The Verdict

Brick Classic remains faithful to its goal and that is to bring a nostalgic and classic block puzzle game experience. Generally, Brick Classic is a simple yet fun and absolutely addictive puzzle game that features straightforward mechanics and goals. It is indeed an excellent time killer and it works perfectly well even without an Internet connection. Appearance-wise, Brick Classic by Apollo Studio presents visually appealing graphics that is wonderfully complemented by a soothing piece of music. Currently, Brick Classic is available for Android devices and you can download it from the Google Play Store for free. Good luck and have fun!

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