Block Puzzle Classic

While most mobile games today will feature some of the most visually striking graphics and the most hard-core gameplay, some games remain faithful to the classic and old-school mechanics. Block Puzzle Classic, for instance, will bring you a nostalgic puzzle experience. If you have mastered this classic game using those old-school handheld consoles, then it is time to put your skills to another test. Your main objective for Block Puzzle Classic is simple, get the highest score possible by clearing as many tiles as you can. Establish the most effective strategy to maximize your winnings. Feel free to explore Block Puzzle Classic and see how far you can go.

block puzzle classic

The Gameplay

The mechanics for this puzzle game are very simple and easily manageable. Generally, Block Puzzle Classic works the same way with other block puzzle games. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you to its standard 8×8 Grid. Under the empty board are the tiles that you can easily drag and drop at any available grid. Unlike most block puzzles today where tiles come in batches of three, this game will instantly replace the tiles you consume. It means that you no longer need to consume the entire batch just to get a new batch.

block puzzle classic

Nostalgic Puzzle

Block Puzzle Classic is merely inspired by the classic Tetris game but played in a different manner. Instead of waiting for the next tile to fall, all three tiles are already presented on the screen. Once you have dragged a tile and drop it on the board, you can no longer move it and you will instantly get a new tile. To get points, you need to complete a line of tiles that could either be aligned vertically or horizontally on the board. This will not just provide scores but it also clears up spaces that allow you to insert more tiles on the board.

You can also get a higher score by creating combos. You can do so by eliminating multiple lines in one turn or by clearing lines in simultaneous turns. This game might generally sound easy but it is surprisingly tricky too. Players are strongly encouraged to establish the most effective strategy to maximize their winnings. If you run out of spaces and if the board can no longer accommodate the remaining tiles, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning.

block puzzle classic

Simple and Addictive

Despite the apparent simplicity of Block Puzzle Classic, the game is surprisingly fun and undeniably addictive. Knowing that the tiles are randomly generated, every game is an entirely new experience. This unpredictability provides Block Puzzle Classic an impressive replay value. The game might not have a full-fledged multiplayer campaign to explore but you can still embrace some of its multiplayer elements through its leaderboard system. By connecting the game to Google Play Center, you will be able to access the Top charts and if you are skillful enough, you might also find yourself on their daily, weekly, or better yet all-time top player list. The game also records your personal best which can encourage you to play more.

The Verdict

Simple, fun, and addictive! These are the three best words to describe NCT Games’ Block Puzzle Classic. It brings you to a nostalgic puzzle experience that you will surely enjoy. Appearance-wise, Block Puzzle Classic features a neat and simple interface that is wonderfully complemented by colorful tiles. In addition to that, the game is accompanied by a relaxing piece of nature-inspired music. The sounds of waves and the chirping birds will provide you a relaxing experience and will set your mood while playing. Overall, Block Classic Puzzle is an excellent time killer. The game is available on Android devices and you can download this game absolutely for free. Have fun!

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