Block Puzzle

Among the leading block puzzle games for mobile today, Block Puzzle by Block Puzzle Jewel Games is a game that is seemingly made to perfection. All the elements you need for a block puzzle game are being covered by this game from the block rotators to special powerups! Block Puzzle comes in two equally amazing campaigns; the Classic and the Advanced Mode. Interestingly, the game takes you to a series of challenging levels with a varying range of difficulties with its unique Advanced Campaign. The Classic Mode, on the other hand, will take you to the classic block puzzle game that we love and enjoy. If you are up for a new challenge, feel free to explore Block Puzzle and see what else this game has to offer.

Block Puzzle

The Gameplay

What really separates Block Puzzle from other games that share the same category is the Advanced Mode. Instead of a progressive game, Advanced Mode is done and played on a level-by-level basis similar to most of the tile-matching puzzles today. The objectives for this mode are simple yet surprisingly tricky and challenging. Your task is to clear all the levels by completing your goals. Each level comes with different challenges to complete. Some of which will require you to clear a certain number of tiles while others will ask you to eliminate bubbles and ice.

The objectives might vary per level but the gameplay is almost identical. As soon as you start the game, it prompts you to a fixed 10×10 empty board. Located below the board are the randomly generated tiles that arrive in batches. Simply drag and drop the tiles on the board and try to create as many lines as possible. Once you have completed your goal, the level will be cleared and you may now proceed to the next one. Players can also take advantage of the powerups to maximize their chances of winning.


The game generally offers two sets of powerups; the consumables and the special powerups. Consumables, as the term suggests, are the type of powerups that you can use anytime you want. These items, however, will not come for free. You need to pay a certain amount of gold coins (virtual currency) to obtain them. Consumables include Rotate (gives you the ability to rotate tiles), Single Tile (replace the entire batch of tiles with single tiles), and Bomb (destroys rows and columns in one turn).

Special powerup, on the other hand, comes in many forms. Items like Boxing Gloves come with an activation meter. This meter fills up every time you make a match and once you have earned enough, you can activate its ability and apply it on the board. From time to time, you will also encounter special tiles that contain Magnets. If you manage to place two magnets on the same line, you can eliminate the entire row or column automatically.

Take note that Block Puzzle Advanced Mode comes with a Heart/Energy system. Failing to complete a level will cost a turn. If you consume all the hearts, you have to wait for a certain time duration until the heart meter is refilled. You can also take advantage of other extra features including the Lucky Spin, Star Chest, and the Daily Bonuses. You can also earn additional coins by watching reward videos.

Block Puzzle

Classic Mode

If you are still looking for a classic block puzzle game experience, Block Puzzle offers a classic mode to explore. Here, you will be prompted to the same 10×10 grid but without any special features. It follows the same old mechanics and the same goal. Your objective here is to get the highest score possible by clearing as many lines as you can. You are also encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully and prevent the tiles from filling up the board. Otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the entire game back from the very beginning.

The game also comes with an in-game leaderboard system. Top players for the month will be displayed on the chart. If you are skillful enough, you might as well see your name on the list.

Block Puzzle

The Verdict

Block Puzzle is a very engaging tile-matching puzzle. Unlike the standard puzzle, Block Puzzle will elevate your experience with its unique Advanced Mode. It comes with many levels to explore and it gives you the option to freely switch from one campaign to another without losing your progress. Appearance-wise, Block Puzzle is an absolute visual delight. It features a visually stunning theme that is perfectly matched with colorful puzzle pieces and animations. The stunning theme is also complemented with a piece of well-fitting music and audio effects which makes Block Puzzle absolutely worth exploring. Overall, it is an awesome block puzzle that provides a unique and addictive game experience. Block Puzzle is currently available for Android devices and you can download this wonderful block puzzle game for free. Good luck!

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