Brick Block Puzzle

Simple, fun, and surprisingly addictive! This is how you can perfectly describe FastBirds Game’s Brick Block Puzzle. This block puzzle game offers nothing more but nostalgia! If you have experienced playing the classic Tetris brick game, then you find a lot of notable similarities in this block puzzle game. Like your typical block puzzle, the main objective for Brick Block Puzzle is to get the highest score possible. This can be done by strategically putting the puzzle pieces together and create as many straight lines as possible. If you are looking for a very simple mobile game and an effective time killer, Brick Block Puzzle is definitely something you can confidently consider.

Brick Block Puzzle

The Gameplay

The mechanics for Brick Block Puzzle are generally simple and easily manageable. Simply download the game from the Google Play Store to get started. As the game starts, it will prompt you immediately to the standard 8×8 board. Located below the board is a small panel that will showcase three randomly generated puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces will arrive in batches of three. You must consume all the current pieces in order to get a new batch.

These puzzle pieces are merely inspired by the classic Tetris tiles. They will vary in shapes and sizes ranging from a small 1×1 tile to a space-consuming 3×3 puzzle piece. Players must visualize the puzzl carefully and try their best to establish the most effective strategy to maximize their winnings. If you run out of space, the game will come to a quick end and you will have no other options but to start the game back from the very beginning.

Brick Block Puzzle

Nostalgic Puzzle

What really makes Brick Block Puzzle special is the graphics. It is certainly a visual delight that offers colorful brick puzzles. The brick designs are merely inspired by the classic Tetris game. It will surely remind you of those old school brick games that we used to play in handheld consoles. In addition to these nostalgic brick designs, the game is also adorned with a stunning background. It features a galaxy-like wallpaper that gives you a relaxing atmosphere. The amazing visuals are also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effect that makes this game even more enjoyable.

Brick Block Puzzle

Simple and Addictive

While most games today will offer immersive graphics and hardcore gameplay, Brick Block Puzzle remained faithful to its overall simplicity. There are no other campaigns to explore and there are no catchy reward systems either. It is simple as it is. While this game follows the same old format for all block puzzle games, it is still surprisingly effective. It is an excellent time killer that offers a decent level of difficulty. Players are also encouraged to make combos by eliminating multiple lines in a single turn. You can do this by strategically positioning the tiles on the board and patiently wait for the right puzzle piece (mostly the straight-line pieces).

The Verdict

Simplicity is probably the greatest strength of Brick Block Puzzle. It is fun and absolutely addictive. Appearance-wise, this game is an absolute visual delight and provides you with a nostalgic interface. One of the greatest advantages of a simple block puzzle game like this is that it works well even without an Internet connection. This allows players to play this game anytime and anywhere they want without worrying about the weak signal or network connection. In addition to that, the game is also notably light and won’t consume much of your phone storage. Best of all, Brick Block Puzzle is absolutely free and is currently available for Android devices. Enjoy!

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