Wood Block 99 – Wooden Sudoku Puzzle

Block puzzle and Sudoku are both classics in their own rights. However, have you ever imagined these two games to merge into one game? Wood Block 99 is considered to be a wooden sudoku puzzle that managed to combined elements from the two aforementioned game genres. The game generally works as a classic block puzzle game but comes with an interesting twist that features some notable Sudoku elements. The goal is to get the highest score possible by clearing as many tiles as possible. Unlike the classic block puzzle, you have two ways to eliminate tiles. You can either form lines or fill up the designated 3×3 grids with blocks. If you are up for a new challenge, feel free to explore Wood Block 99 and see what exactly has to offer.

Wood Block 99

The Gameplay

Wood Block 99 follows a simple set of mechanics. To get started, simply download the app from the Google Play Store. As soon as the game starts, the game prompts you to the main page where you can choose between the Classic Mode and Daily Challenge. The classic mode, as the title suggests, is being played the normal block puzzle gameplay. Here, you will be prompted to a unique 9×9 board. Just like Sodoku, the board is divided into 9 3×3 grids. Located below the board is a separate panel containing three randomly generated puzzle pieces and also a single slot for Reserve.

Simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and try to position the tiles together. You can either put the pieces together and form a straight line vertically or horizontally or you can position the tiles to fill up an entire 3×3 grid. The goal is to get the highest score but you also have to prevent the tiles from piling up too much. If you run out of moves, the game is over and you have to start again from the beginning.

Wood Block 99

Daily Challenge

Aside from the main campaign, Wood Block 99 also features a Daily Challenge mode. Here, you will be given a daily puzzle that features different challenges. Some levels will also highlight unique elements including Frozen tiles and many more. These challenges are relatively more difficult than a normal campaign. Players are strongly encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully and try to establish the most effective strategy to maximize the chances of winning.

Players may also put the Reserve slot to good use. Since the tiles will only arrive in batches, you must consume all the tiles before you get a new batch. Reserve slot can help you expedite the arrival. You can also use it to reserve bigger puzzle pieces and prevent you from running out of space.

Wood Block 99

Visually Stunning Theme

More than its unique gameplay, another great thing about Wood Block 99 is the beautiful theme. The game is adorned with visually stunning graphics and as the title connotes, Wood Block 99 highlights an amazing rustic-inspired atmosphere. Players will be prompted to a stunning wooden board and are perfectly matched with wooden puzzle pieces. Not to mention the well-fitting piece of music and audio effect that makes this game even more engaging and fun to explore.

The Verdict

Simple, fun, and absolutely addictive. This is how you can wonderfully describe Wood Block 99. It comes with well-polished gameplay and is incorporated with unique Sudoku elements. Appearance-wise, Wood Block 99 is also an absolute visual delight. It comes with a beautiful rustic theme that offers a relaxing atmosphere. The game is also notably light and it won’t consume much of your phone storage. You can also play the game even without an Internet connection. Currently, Wood Block 99 is available for Android devices and you can download this amazing game for free.

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