Block Puzzle Guardian

Embark yourself in another exciting puzzle adventure with Block Puzzle Guardian. Explore the Aztec-inspired block puzzle and be amazed by its visually stunning theme. Like any other block puzzle game, Block Puzzle Guardian by Hippo Lab (the same team behind Hill Car Race and Ludo Master) captures the classic tile-matching gameplay while incorporating unique twists on it. This game comes with three equally exciting campaigns. Your main objective is to get the highest score possible by clearing as many tiles as you can. If you have experienced playing the classic Tetris, then you should know how exactly this puzzle works. Feel free to explore Block Puzzle Guardian and see what else this game has to offer.

block puzzle guardian

The Gameplay

Interestingly, Block Puzzle Guardian comes with a very simple set of mechanics. As soon as you launch the game, it prompts you to its beautiful menu showcasing the Indiana Jones-inspired art. It features an explorer attempting to enter an ancient Mayan-inspired structure with a door covered with jewels. Here, you can choose your preferred campaign. Block Puzzle Guardian comes in three modes; Timed, Classic, and Bomb. Each campaign follows different rules but shares the same gameplay. As mentioned above, your goal is to get the highest score. To do so, you must clear as many jewels as possible.

Regardless of the campaign you picked, you will be prompted to the standard 8×8 board. Located below the empty board is another panel showcasing three randomly generated puzzle pieces. Simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and try to create straight lines to clear them. Take note that these puzzle pieces will arrive in a batch of three. You need to consume them all before you can get a new batch. Therefore, players must visualize the puzzle carefully and establish an effective strategy to win the game. Otherwise, if you run out of space, the game will come to a quick end.

block puzzle guardian

Multiple Campaigns

One of the great things about Block Puzzle Guardian is the multiple campaigns that provide players multiple options to enjoy this game. If you want to experience the nostalgic puzzle, you might want to explore the Classic campaign. Here, you will be prompted to the 8×8 grid. Like the instructions mentioned above, simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and try to create lines that are either aligned vertically or horizontally to eliminate the jewels. You are also encouraged to make combos by clearing multiple lines in a single turn.

There are two other special campaigns for this game that are far more challenging than the classic gameplay. One of which is the Timed Mode. As the term suggests, this mode works the same way with the Classic campaign but comes with a time limit. You are given 120 seconds to complete the game. Apparently, there is no way to extend the time so all you need to do is to make the most out of it. You are, however, will be given an option to watch a reward video to get additional 40 seconds on your time.

block puzzle guardian

Bomb Mode, on the other hand, also works the same way with the classic gameplay but bombs will randomly appear on the board. Players are given a limited number of moves to eliminate them (10 moves to be exact). If you failed to eliminate them on time, the bomb will explode and the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start again back from the very beginning.

The Verdict

Block Puzzle Guardian is an excellent time killer game. It is simple yet fun and surprisingly addictive too. Knowing that it comes with three different campaigns to explore, it gives you a great number of reasons to enjoy this classic block puzzle game. Appearance-wise, Block Puzzle Guardian is an absolute visual delight. It comes with a wonderful Mayan-inspired theme that is wonderfully matched with colorful treasure-like puzzle pieces. It is also complemented by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effects. The game also comes with a leaderboard system that allows you to compete with other players online. The only downside, however, is the overwhelming ads that will appear every time you go back to the main menu or switch to another campaign. Other than that, this is indeed a beautiful game that you can confidently add to your device.

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