Block Puzzle Legend

Simple, fun yet surprisingly addictive. I guess this is how you can perfectly describe Block Puzzle Legend. This mobile game will take you to a nostalgic puzzle experience that will quickly remind you of iconic tile-matching puzzles like Tetris. Much like your typical block puzzle game, your main goal for Block Puzzle Legend is to earn the highest score. This can be done by clearing as many tiles as possible. Players must position the puzzle pieces strategically on the board and create straight lines to eliminate them. This might sound simple but the game is surprisingly tricky and fun. If you think you can master this puzzle, feel free to explore Block Puzzle Legend and see how far your skills can take you.

Block Puzzle Legend

The Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are generally simple and easily manageable. Simply download the Block Puzzle Legend game from the Google Play Store to get started. As soon as you launched the app, you will be prompted to the main menu where you can select your preferred game modes. Yes, you read that right. Block Puzzle Legend is more than just your standard block puzzle game. Interestingly, the game comes with three equally exciting game modes to choose from. These include the Classic mode, Arcade, and Boom Mode. Each comes with different objectives but shares the same gameplay.

Regardless of the mode you picked, you will be prompted to the standard 8×8 board. Located below the board are the randomly generated puzzle pieces. Simply drag and drop them on the board and try to form straight lines to eliminate them. These lines could either be aligned vertically or horizontally on the board. These puzzle pieces are merely inspired by the classic Tetrominos (Tetris puzzle pieces) that will vary in size and shape. The game will run continuously as long as you keep enough space for the succeeding puzzle pieces. If you run out of moves, your game will come to a quick end.

Block Puzzle Legend

Multiple Campaigns

If you want to get the same nostalgic experience, you might want to explore the game’s Classic campaign. This mode works the same way with the classic block puzzle. You will be prompted to an empty 8×8 board and you just have to start placing the puzzle pieces and form as many lines as possible to get a higher score. The size of puzzle pieces will range from 1×1 to 3×3. Here, you are also encouraged to create combos for bigger bonuses. To do so, you must strategically position the tiles and try to eliminate multiple lines in a single turn.

One of the game’s unique modes is the Arcade. Interestingly, this game works exactly the same as Classic except for the ability to rotate tiles. Here, you will encounter puzzle pieces with Stars on them. Eliminate Starred tiles to fill the “rotate” meter. Once you have earned enough, you can select whatever tiles you want to rotate before placing them on the board. You will also encounter a special 3×3 tile that allows you to destroy a large portion of tiles that are already placed on the board. However, this ability can only be obtained if you watch a reward video.

Block Puzzle Legend

Boom Mode is another unique campaign. Unlike the standard Bomb mode in most block puzzle games. Bombs here will not put you in harm. Normally, bombs are items you need to eliminate before they explode. In this game, however, you can use the bombs to your advantage. Eliminating lines with bombs allow you to destroy nearby tiles.

The Verdict

Block Puzzle Legend might be a very nostalgic game but it comes with other features that make it distinctive above the rest. Arcade and Boom campaigns are played in a very unique way that gives you enough reason to enjoy this block puzzle. To top it all, this game is an absolute visual delight. It comes with an engaging and visually stunning theme that is perfectly matched with colorful and dazzling puzzle pieces. This is also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effects. To top it all, this game works well even without an Internet connection which allows you to play this block puzzle anytime and anywhere you want. If you are looking for a perfect time killer, Block Puzzle Legend is definitely a perfect fit for your device. Have fun!

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