Wood Block Puzzle 2019

If you enjoy playing block puzzle games, then you might consider adding Wood Block Puzzle 2019 on your list. Published by Super World, Wood Block Puzzle 2019 will take you to an entertaining and relaxing block puzzle game. Your goal is simple and that is to try your best to get the highest score possible. To do so, you must strategically position the puzzle pieces together on the board and try to form as many lines as possible. What makes this game even more engaging is that it offers multiple campaigns for players to explore. If you are up for a new challenge, feel free to explore Wood Block Puzzle 2019 and see what else this amazing game has to offer.

Wood Block Puzzle 2019

The Gameplay

Just like your typical block puzzle game, the mechanics for Wood Block Puzzle 2019 are generally simple and easily manageable. Your main objective is to get the highest score by simply forming straight line of tiles on the board. To get started, simply download Wood Block Puzzle 2019 from the Google Play Store. As soon as the game starts, it will prompt you immediately to the main menu where you can select your preferred campaign. It is also interesting to note that players are free to switch from one campaign to another without affecting their progress.

Regardless of the campaign you picked, all of them shares the same gameplay. Underneath the board is a separate panel that features three randomly generated puzzle pieces. Unlike your typical block puzzle game, however, every time you placed a tile on the board, it will be replaced instantly by a new tile. Therefore, you do not need to consume the entire batch just to get new pieces. Just make sure that you never run out of space, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other options but to start the game back from the very beginning.

Wood Block Puzzle 2019

8×8 and 10×10 Mode

Both 8×8 and 10×10 Mode are played the same way except the fact that they feature different board sizes. The 8×8 Board is relatively more challenging knowing that you are only given with a very limited space. It is important to visualize the puzzle carefully before placing any piece on the board. Take note that once you have placed the puzzle piece on the board, you can no longer undo it or reposition it. While you are also encouraged to make combos to earn higher score, you must still refrain yourself from overfilling the board to prevent the space from running out. Otherwise, the game is over. The 10×10 Grid obviously offers more space.

Wood Block Puzzle 2019


If you are looking for a twist, rotate campaign is something you might want to explore. Here’s how the game works. You will be prompted to a 10×10 board. Tiles will arrive one after another and it means that you cannot skip or cherry pick the tile you want to place on the board. However, as the title of the campaign suggests, you can freely rotate all the tiles. There is no limit to the number of rotate you can do as long as you can strategically fit them all in the board. Just like the aforementioned campaigns, when you run out of moves, the game will also come to a quick end.

The Verdict

Overall, Wood Block Puzzle 2019 is a very fun and addictive block puzzle game. It offers multiple campaigns to explore that gives players more reason to play this game. Appearance-wise, Wood Block Puzzle 2019 is an absolute visual delight. It provides a stunning rustic or wooden theme that are perfectly matched with wooden puzzle pieces. It also comes with a well-fitting piece of music that makes this game even more engaging. Wood Block Puzzle 2019 also works well even without an Internet connection and it is notably lightweight and won’t consume much of your phone storage. Currently, the game is available for Android devices and you can download Wood Block Puzzle 2019 for free. Good luck!

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