Block Puzzle Jewel

Simple, fun, yet surprisingly addictive! I guess this is how you can perfectly describe Block Puzzle Jewel. Developed and distributed by NCT Games, Block Puzzle Jewel will take you to a colorful block puzzle challenge with a great number of game modes to explore. Generally, the main objective in this game is to get the highest score possible by clearing as many jewels as you can. If you are looking for a classic block puzzle game, Block Puzzle Jewel features the same classic formula that we all loved and enjoyed. If you love block puzzle games, this one is definitely a great fit. Feel free to explore Block Puzzle Jewel and see what else this game has to offer.

block puzzle jewel

The Gameplay

Interestingly, the mechanics for this game are generally simple and easily manageable. If you have experienced playing a classic puzzle game before then you should know how Block Puzzle Jewel works. As soon as the game starts, it will prompt you to its default 10×10 Mode. The game comes with a simple yet visually appealing interface that is accompanied by a soothing piece of music. The main interface is composed of three sections including the board panel where you place the tiles, the tile panel, and the score chart.

To score points, simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and create full straight lines that are either horizontally or vertically aligned and clear them off the screen. The tiles will arrive in a batch of three and you must wisely and skillfully consume them all before you get another batch. Be mindful that if you run out of space or moves, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. Players can also take advantage of creating combos to earn bigger points.

block puzzle jewel

Game Modes

Aside from the main campaign (10×10 Mode), Block Puzzle Jewel also offers three other equally engaging modes to explore. These include the 8×8 Mode, Time Mode, and Bomb mode. The 8×8 Mode generally works the same way with 10×10 but as what the title connotes, this campaign features a smaller board size. Time Mode, on the other hand, features a standard 10×10 grid but with a more challenging objective. Here, you are only given 1800 seconds and your goal is to get the highest score possible within the given time frame. You can, however, extend the time limit by clearing off hourglasses from the board.

The Bomb Mode also features the standard 10×10 grid but comes with a bigger challenge. In this mode, bombs will randomly appear on the board and you have to clear them off before they explode. Normally, you only have a maximum of ten moves before they explode. Failing to do so will end the game immediately. Interestingly, both Bomb and Time mode features Rockets that randomly appear on the board. These rockets are capable of eliminating an entire row and column in one turn. It is also interesting to note that you can freely switch from one game mode to another without losing your progress.

block puzzle jewel


Block Puzzle Jewel may not offer a PvP campaign but you can still enjoy its multiplayer elements through Google Play Center. You can integrate your Google Play account to access Block Puzzle Jewel’s Leaderboards and Achievement Chart. Here, you can compete with other players online and try your best to make it through their Top Charts (All-Time, Daily, and Weekly Charts). You can also your achievements to your social media accounts. You can do so by tapping the Share icon from the Main Menu. You also get the Share option every time you set a new High Score Record.

The Verdict

Overall, Block Puzzle Jewel is a great time killer. It doesn’t require long-term engagement but you can freely access the game anytime and anywhere you want. This game also works like a gem even without an Internet connection. Appearance-wise, Block Puzzle Jewel is an absolute visual delight adorned with colorful visuals and animation and accompanied by a soothing piece of music to set the mood right.

Since the game provides random tiles, every game seems like a new one. Thus, providing Block Puzzle Jewel an impressive replay value and decent longevity. Best of all, this game is available on Android devices for free. It doesn’t consume much of your phone storage either. Feel free to download Block Puzzle Jewel and see how far you can go. Good luck and have fun!

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