Block Gems

A complete package. I guess this is how you can perfectly describe Block Gems by DoPuz games. Interestingly, Block Gems is more than just your typical block puzzle game. This mobile game features not just one but nine equally exciting campaigns. Each campaign comes with different rules and objectives and will surely give you a great number of reasons to play this colorful mobile game. If you are looking for a simple yet fun and entertaining collection of puzzle games for your device, feel free to explore Block Gems and see what exactly this game has to offer.

Block Gems

Block Gems

Block Gems serves as the main campaign of this game. It features the classic block puzzle game that we are all familiar with. The main objective for this game is to get the highest score possible by clearing as many tiles as possible. As soon as the game starts, it will prompt you to a standard 10×10 grid. Located below the board are three randomly generated puzzle pieces similar to the classic Tetris. Simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and position them strategically to form a straight vertical or horizontal line. The more lines you create and clear, the higher the score you can get. It is also interesting to mention that the game comes with a currency system that you can earn in each puzzle. These coins can be used to purchase powerups like Rotate and Shuffle.

Block Gems

Water Sort and Pop Jewels

Water Sort is another brain teaser game of Block Gems. Here, you will be prompted to a screen that features test tubes filled with multiple layers of colored liquids. The goal is to fill each tube with liquid of the same color. You need to visualize the puzzle carefully and know which color should come first and which one to follow. If you failed to figure out the correct sequence, you have no other option but to undo the last action or reset the level.

Pop Jewels, on the other hand, is a tile-matching game. The goal is to clear each level by successfully reaching your target score. To do so, simply tap two or more identical tiles on the board. Take note that the tiles can only be cleared if they are adjacently located to each other. The more tiles you eliminate in a single tap, the higher the score you get. You can also take advantage of the powerups which you can buy using the gold coin currency. Once you have reached the target score, you may now enter the next level but if you failed, you may have to play the same level until you managed to make it through.

Block Gems

Combine and Hex Jigsaw

Combine is another brain teaser game offered by Block Gems. Here, you will be prompted to hexagonal board. You are given three randomly generated pieces but unlike block puzzles, you don’t just position these pieces together to form a line. Each piece comes with a numerical value. The objective is to place the puzzle piece next to another piece of the same value so you can combine them. For example, a piece with 2 values can be matched to another piece with 2 values. They will merge together and form another piece but this time with 4 values. Continue matching and merging identical numbers until no valid moves can no longer be made.

Hex Jigsaw, on the other hand, is a sample of Tangram. It is a dissection puzzle and your main goal is to fit all the puzzle pieces on the board. The shapes and size of each board will change dynamically per level and the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. You can also take advantage of the Hints to help you solve the puzzles. Each puzzle is being timed and the quicker you solve the tangram, the higher the score you will earn.

Block Gems

Brick Hit and Snake VS Brick

Brick Hit is a variation of a brick shooter game. Here, you will be prompted to a stage filled with bricks. The goal is to eliminate all bricks using a limited number of balls. Each brick comes with a numerical value which indicates the number of times it must be hit to be destroyed. The level is cleared when all the bricks are destroyed. Players can also take advantage of the powerups that they might encounter in the process. Some of which can be purchased using virtual currency.

Snake VS Brick is an interesting merge between Brick Shooter and the classic Snake game. The goal is to get the highest score possible by keeping the snake alive. Here, the snake will move automatically and your goal is to help the snake eat more pellets that are randomly scattered on the game. The more pellets it consumes, the longer it grows. However, aside from the pellets, you will also encounter bricks. Each brick comes with a numerical value that indicates the number of pellets that must be consumed before it gets destroyed. If you failed to meet the required number, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start again back from the very beginning.

Block Gems

Stack Six and Stack Jump

Stack Six and Stack Jump shares the same concept but they are played differently. In Stack Six, the goal is to bring the hexagon below the screen. To do so, you need to eliminate all the shapes underneath it while preventing the shape from falling or touching the sides. Otherwise, the game will come to a quick end. Stack Jump, on the other hand, requires you to go up. Help the animal to reach the highest platform by jumping off the stack of moving planks.

The Verdict

With so many campaigns, there is definitely no reason why not to enjoy Block Gems. It provides many campaigns with different objectives to entertain you to the fullest. These games are simple yet surprisingly fun, addictive, and challenging at the same time. Appearance-wise, Block Gems is an absolute visual delight. Each campaign features different visually appealing themes. Best of all, Block Gems works perfectly even without an Internet connection that allows you to enjoy this game anytime and anywhere you want. Have fun!

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