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Fruit Block by Legend Game Inc is a tile-matching puzzle that will take you to a series of challenging colorful levels with a varying range of difficulties. The game follows the story of a dog knight as he embarks on an exciting journey. Your mission is to help him clear all the levels and reach all your goals in no time. Each level comes with different objectives but they all share the same mechanics. Simply tap two or more identical tiles to eliminate them. You can also take advantage of the powerups by matching a great number of tiles in one tap. If you are up for an exciting adventure, feel free to explore Fruit Block and see what else this amazing game has to offer.

Fruit Block

The Gameplay

The mechanics for Fruit Block are very simple and easily manageable. To get started, simply download the Fruit Block – Puzzle Legend app from the Google Play Store. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the first level. The game board will change dynamically per level and your objective will vary as well. Some levels might require you to collect a certain number of specific tiles, some will ask you to pop all the bubbles, drop items, and more. Regardless of the objectives, the gameplay remains the same.

Here, you will be asked to tap 2 or more identical tiles on the board to eliminate them. Matching tiles will sometimes affect the behavior of nearby elements including mushrooms, flowers, animals, and more. While matching tiles might sound too easy, the tricky part of this puzzle is the limited number of moves allotted for the player per level. If you run out of moves and failed to meet your goal, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the same level over and over until you managed to make it through.

Fruit Block

Powerups and Combos

To maximize your chances of winning, you can take advantage of the powerups. These powerups can be formed by matching 5 or more tiles of the same color. Matching 5 identical tiles will form a rocket that allows you to eliminate an entire row or column while matching 7 identical tiles in one tap forms dynamite that allows you to eliminate all nearby tiles. If you managed to match 10 tiles in one tap, you will create a rainbow powerup that allows you to eliminate all tiles of the same color on the board.

To make these powerups more destructive, you can also merge them. As long as the two powerups are adjacently connected to each other, you can merge them and create a much more powerful effect. Matching two rockets allows you to eliminate an entire row and column at the same time while merging a rocket and dynamite allows you to eliminate 3 rows and 3 columns all at the same time. If you combined two dynamites, it will create massive destruction but if you are lucky enough to merge two rainbow powerups, it will eliminate all the tiles on the board.

Fruit Block


Aside from the powerups, players can also take advantage of the consumables. Unlike other tile-matching games, the consumables for Fruit Block cannot be obtained through virtual coins or currency. Instead, the consumable items can be earned by watching reward videos that often last for few seconds. You can get them before entering a new level or within the actual game. The game features a great number of consumables and each comes with its own special effects.

Some consumables can easily eliminate an entire row or column similar to how rockets work. There are also consumables like the Magic Lamp that allow you to automatically rearrange the tiles for better matches. The Boomerang, on the other hand, allows you to remove a specific tile while Gloves allow you to swap two adjacent tiles. There is also a Magic Wand that allows you to eliminate tiles of the same color.

Fruit Block

Energy System

Keep in mind that Fruit Block comes with an Energy System. Similar to Match 3 puzzles like Candy Crush Saga, you only have limited attempts. If you failed to solve or complete a level, you will lose energy (in this game, the energy is represented by strawberry). You only have a maximum of 5 energy to consume but each will replenish in a certain time interval. Losing all the energy will prevent you from playing any puzzle. It is also worth mentioning that the rate of difficulty for this game is drastically increasing as you progress which makes it more challenging and more thrilling at the same time.

The Verdict

Fruit Block is undeniably a great game. It is simple yet absolutely fun to explore. It is also an excellent time killer while offering a decent amount of challenge. The game also has remarkable longevity and allows you to explore tons of colorful and exciting levels. Appearance-wise, Fruit Block is an absolute visual delight. It offers a visually stunning interface adorned with colorful animations and is matched with catchy tunes and a well-fitting piece of music. It is also interesting to mention that the game works perfectly well even without an Internet connection that allows you to play this addictive puzzle anytime and anywhere you want. Currently, Fruit Block – Puzzle Legend is available for Android devices and you can download this puzzle game for free. Enjoy!

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