Block Puzzle 8×8

There is an overwhelming number of block puzzle games on the mobile market today and although most of these games follow the same classic format, it is quite hard to pick the right block puzzle game that offers unique gameplay. Interestingly, Block Puzzle 8×8 by Paleblue offers two different campaigns for players to explore. It offers both Classic and Level campaign. The goal is simple, drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and form as many straight lines as possible. While the classic gameplay offers the same old block puzzle challenge, the Level campaign will surely put your skills on the test. Feel free to play Block Puzzle 8×8 and see how far your skills can take you.

Block Puzzle 8x8

The Gameplay

To get started, simply download the Block Puzzle 8×8 game by Paleblue from the Google Play Store. The mechanics for this game are generally simple and absolutely manageable. Your main objective for the classic campaign is to get the highest score possible by forming as many straight lines as you possibly can while Level campaign requires you to meet your target score before you run out of valid moves. Both campaigns will prompt you to an 8×8 empty board. Under the board is a panel that will showcase three randomly generated puzzle pieces.

These puzzle pieces will arrive in a batch of three and you must strategically consume them all in order to get a new batch. They will also vary in shapes and sizes ranging from a single 1×1 tile to a space-consuming 3×3 tile. If there is one thing that you must avoid at all costs is to run out of space. If you can no longer fit a tile on the board, the game will come to a quick end and you will have no other option but to start back from the very beginning. 

Block Puzzle 8x8

The Classic and Nostalgic Puzzle

The Classic campaign features the classic block puzzle gameplay. Here, you will be prompted to an 8×8 grid. Simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces on the board and try to form as many lines as you possibly can. The lines can be aligned vertically or horizontally. You are also encouraged to make combos by eliminating multiple lines on a single turn. If you know how the classic Tetris game works, then you should know the drill. It is a very nostalgic campaign and if you miss the old school block puzzle game, the classic campaign will surely provide you the nostalgic experience.

Challenge Yourself with Level Campaigns

If you are up for a bigger challenge, the Level campaign is the right mode to explore. Unlike your traditional block puzzle game, this campaign is done and played in a level-by-level system. Currently, there are 300 levels to complete this campaign. The level will vary in terms of their level of difficulty. Each level will require you to complete certain goals. Some of which will ask you to make a certain number of specific combos while others will ask you to collect a number of specific tiles. It is also interesting to note that all levels are already unlocked. You are free to explore whatever level you want to play.

Block Puzzle 8x8

Leaderboards and Achievement System

While the game may not offer a PvP campaign, the only multiplayer element for Block Puzzle 8×8 is the leaderboard system. By connecting the game to Google Play Center, you will get access to its leaderboard system. There is a separate leaderboard for the classic and level campaign. Each will display the top players for Today, This Week, and All Time. This allows you to compete with other players online and if you are skillful enough, you might be able to outrank the players and made it on top. Also, through Google Play Center, you get access to its Achievement board. Here, you can complete certain goals and get exp points in return.

The Verdict

Block Puzzle 8×8 is generally a simple yet absolutely addictive block puzzle game. The Level campaign is definitely a great addition to this game that makes it more distinctive compared to your typical block puzzle mobile games. Appearance-wise, Block Puzzle 8×8 offers a stunning graphics adorned with jewel-inspired puzzle pieces. It is an absolute visual delight and is also complemented by a nice piece of music and audio effects. The game also works well even without an Internet connection that allows you to play this game anytime and anywhere you want. Best of all, Block Puzzle 8×8 is available for free and you can download it to any Android devices. Cheers!

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